Mural made alongside fellow mural artist Tanith Gould Makes. Made as part of
a series of artworks from various artists to rejuvenate Muriel Alleyway in Brislington,
organised by Women in Paint Collective.

Plant box mural on East Street Bedminster, a community project
working with Action Greater Bedminster and local business owners.

     Anti public sexual harrasment mural painted at Dean Lane Skatepark,
    as part of an event organised by Women in Paint Collective. 


Assisting artist Tanith Gould Makes, with a collaborative mural at Peoples Republic
of Stokes Croft. Working with Paper Arts and‘A Typical Collective’ a group of artists
with learning disabilities, autisum & ADHD, who formed from a creative
employment programme run by Paper Arts.


Public mural painted in Easton underpass, as part of a Women in Paint
Collective paint session.