Personal work, made to encourage everyone to
exercise their right to vote.

An image designed for an event hosted by Creative Youth
Network, inviting artists from different creative practice to
share and give constuctive feedback on their work.

Logo design for Spotify podcast interviewing people from all walks of life on
what they find interesting, hosted by podcast producer Billie Turner.

    A speculative logo design for a Bristol based beer.
Personal work, a poster design to bring hope and encourage
unity within communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

3D hanging illustrations made for a window display at Trylla,
ceramic studio and pottery supply shop in Bristol.

Artwork made as a reminder for us as humans to move our bodies as much
as possible and fully embrace what they are capable of. 

Speculative book cover design for ‘The Importance of Music to Girls’ by Lavinia Greenlaw
a semi autobigraphical narrative exploring the whole spectrum of emotion music
evokes within us and how it can map out the life stories we all lead.